Practically imperfect in every way

This is about The Reality. The Reality of everyday life in a world of expectation and noise.

The expectation to be a career woman, a nurturing mother, a social contributor, a home chef. To sew, to clean, to support. To be an inspiration, to be a provider, to be a socialite. To pay the bills on time, to walk the dog daily, to look fabulous. To make new year resolutions, AND be expected to keep them.

Well, they are my expectations anyway. And quite frankly, they are unrealistic.

While Mary Poppins would meet most of those expectations (in fact all, because at one point she even seems to walk someone else’s dog), I have to wonder if its possible at all.

I’m not far off, just slightly to the side, a bit of the way but not all the way. I walk the dog sometimes, I cook pretty good, I’m a little pudgy, I’m organised but only in a few cupboards – I’m just barely Poppins. Not totally, but practically imperfect in every way.


3 thoughts on “Practically imperfect in every way

  1. Barely Poppins
    You are an inspiration to me daily!!

    You say practically imperfect in every way, I say impossibly amazing every day!!! I will be reading with interest and enthusiasm.

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