does this plant come with a warranty?

dead asparagusWhen it comes to gardening I’ve definitely got ‘L Plates’ on. However, my enthusiasm for knowing and growing plants doesn’t waiver despite the number of casualties. When it came to the development of my horticultural skills I started small, literally, with those little cacti that are barely bigger than your fingernail.

Once I mastered the tiny cacti, I moved on to successfully kill all sorts of things with too much kindness, not enough kindness, too much light, not enough light, dried out terracotta pots, overheated plastic pots, suppliments… When the orchid in the place I was house sitting in Germany began to look feeble and brown, I was sure it had to be a communication issue.

I’ve killed ferns, bead plants, bulbs, many a fly trap, several bonsai, the occassional fruit tree and countless herbs.

So it seemed the only thing for it was to start a veggie garden.


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