who rules this roost?

Chicken Tikka the eccentric chookGinny quickly became the lady of the residence. Turns out she’s one strong willed chook. For a while I was scared to confront her on issues, like, whether or not she needed more sunflower seeds in her bowl, or whether or not today was going to be a free-range day. Is it possible for the the chicken to be higher in the pecking order than me?!

Tikka and Korma were settling in well. I learned that I couldn’t expect eggs until their crests grew big and red. But, at the same rate that Korma’s feathers grew long and shiny, Tikka’s were growing at random directions. She looked like a stumpy little ragamuffin. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I just explained it as eccentric. And what made it worse is that she would slump down to the ground, seemingly incapable of doing chicken things.

We though she might have a mental disability. “We’re going to have to put her down”, I bemoaned.

Tikka and Korma had come from a produce supplier and hadn’t been handled as chicks so catching them was … impossible. And I mean impossible. On the occasion that they escaped the yard it took 4 people most of an hour to corral them back through the gate.

Getting hold of Tikka was one thing. Realising that she had a severe lice infestation was quite another. The stomach turning parasites had made cities under her wings and bed down clusters of eggs so big that her feathers had fused all around her tail.

Shock and horror!! The poor thing had come to me filled with fowl freeloaders and they were controlling her.

The solution was clear, these chickens were going to have a bath.

And I was going to rule this roost.


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