when they talk about bumper crops I’m not sure this is what they mean

in the beginning vegetable gardenSo this was it, the first veggie garden. Small, but sufficient. Humble, but practical. Solid, with integrity. Solid, with wood. Solid, with metal posts.

I was feeling confident. Enthusiasm overflowing. The spring breeze in my hair. Anticipation, I could almost feel the fecundity.

I filled it with seeds and seedlings and more seeds, by the handful. I was going to grow things – I was going to Create!

It was all becoming a little bit heady. But as the days passed and spring turned to summer, my little garden bed did grow, and continued to grow. My spinach became fundamentalist in the far end quashing the hopes and dreams of the beets, the tomatoes strangled the smaller low-lying populations of chives and parsley, the endive threw out ballistics in the form of sinewy flowers…

It was a battle. A battle to the death. Who would survive? Who would be evicted? Who would be dispossessed? And, increasingly less importantly, what would we be able to eat?

Needless to say, not very much considering the number of seeds I planted.

So lesson one, the thrill of growing plants should be managed against the logistics of their requirements.

tomato blur


2 thoughts on “when they talk about bumper crops I’m not sure this is what they mean

  1. I’m so glad someone else had to learn this lesson the hard way! I planted all of my first seeds in a square metre patch of dirt. Included were 3 zucchinis, 2 pumpkins, 2 squash, a strawberry plant, a chilli plant, and two types of mint. Needless to say the bounty wasn’t overly plentiful – I ended up having to pull half of them out! Really enjoying your posts! :)

  2. Oh, I know what you mean. I was at the Garden Centre and just picked several packets of seeds because they looked good and were said to ‘attract bees and butterflies’, and only when I got home did I see their complicated and out of my league propagation requirements – and noticed how tall they could grow (if I got everything else right!)

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