one for the fashion unconscious

This is about ridiculous shoes. You know them. Heels that go forever. Pointless straps that try to make us look delicate. Platforms that make us seem a foot taller. We all love them. We want them. We buy them. We just wish we could walk in them.

We can’t help it, push it too far, all common sense leaves us. “Oh, these are fabulous!” we quietly croon to ourselves while getting dressed. It’s that significant social function. Perhaps a wedding, maybe a party. You’re going to be a star! You’ve obviously forgotten that you’re going to be in those shoes for hours.

Each step is agony. You start to wish that your dang heel would just snap off. Hobbling. Leaning. Politely wincing. Hunched over like you might almost be about to start crawling.

Someone once said, some rubbish like, ‘a woman never takes off her shoes’ – but they obviously haven’t tried walking in a pair of 14 cm platform pumps. Its do or die out there.

Looking great needn’t be a near death experience, just do them up tight, limit it to 20 minutes, maintain focus, stay on the carpet, be carried on stairs, don’t drink and don’t walk!


3 thoughts on “one for the fashion unconscious

  1. So true! I have tried and failed this year to find suitable shoes for work. I want shoes with a “bit” of a heel (enough to look girly without being skyscrapers), nicely designed, fashionable, BUT also flexible and comfortable. How difficult is that?! Bloody impossible!! I may take to going to work barefoot. ;)

    • Check out professional dance shoes. There are usually much more sturdy and made to be more comfortable and enduring. For work I wear ‘character’ shoes (and I don’t mean they have Mickey Mouse on them). They are kind of like a tap shoe without the taps. Classic, classy and comfortable. I save the ‘kill myself shoes’ for special occasions – work isn’t special.

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