manhattan bulleit

Manhattan bulleit biancoThis pre-dinner cocktail goes well before a hearty casserole. A traditional Manhattan is made using Rye Whiskey but Rye hasn’t been that easy to come across and to be honest, I love the slightly smokey flavour of Bulleit Bourbon in this Manhattan mix. On first taste, my drinking friends were unanimously against this one. But I urge you to give it a go, twice, before you decide.

30 ml Bulleit Bourbon
20 ml Bianco Vermouth
Angostura bitters, dash
Maraschino cherry

Chill a martini glass with ice, add the dash of bitters and swill around the glass. Discard ice and excess bitters. Add the cherry.
Put some ice into a muddling glass and pour over Bulleit and Bianco. Stir to chill.
Strain into the prep’ed glass.
If its a hot day/night, leave one ice cube in the glass.

manhattan bulleit


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