DIY golden gay time (and I mean the ice cream)

golden gay time ice creamCarmel ice cream topping
Milk (enough to fill your molds)
Chocolate ice magic or melted chocolate
Tiny Teddy biscuits

Combine the milk with caramel sauce and mix well. Pour into pop maker.
Get about 10 tiny teddies, put them in a small clean plastic bag or between two pieces of kitchen paper and beat them to crumbs with a rolling pin.
Have the chocolate ready to go then remove the ice creams.
You’ll need to work quickly, the chocolate will harden so I just use my finger to spread the ice magic around. If you are using melted chocolate you can just dip the ice cream in, which might be more palatable if the people watching you are older than 2 and about to eat it.
I find coating half is enough but you can go all the way if you like.
While the chocolate is still sticky and not quite frozen hard, dunk it in the biscuit crumbs.



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