the directionally challenged chicken

It seems that I have a directionally challenged chicken. I discovered this just recently when I moved the chicken coop to another location in the yard. ‘Turn me around and I’m lost’ – a common saying among people-folk can be transferred to the chicken-folk it turns out.

There are pros and cons to the movable coop. Turning the grass to mud in more than one location is a benefit for sure. Just don’t move it too far at one time. It so happens that 4 metres was too far.

Korma isn’t the smartest chook around, but I began to really wonder at her abilities when we recently moved the coop. She was completely lost. The other two chicken-folk had long since found their way home, had something to eat and gone to bed. But not Korma.

I was going to have to catch her. We were a mirror of the other, both with arms and wings flailing, running a zigzag path, jumping, skidding, grappling and squawking … maybe I would be better off if she was true to her name, hot and spiced in the casserole dish.

After some time, she tried to roost in the low branches of a tree, close to where the coop used to be, and so I grabbed her. Able to return her to the coop, my directionally handicap chicken lives to see another day. But let that be a lesson to you, the further you move the coop, the more exercise you and your chicken will get.

Korma the lost chicken


7 thoughts on “the directionally challenged chicken

  1. I promised myself only to go back through your March posts, but I’m glad I broke my promise. I would not have read this one if I had!! It’s my favorite so far. Truly entertaining story.

  2. Korma could be a cousin to my hen Roberta. She’s just as goofy. She fell in the feed bin once because she lost her balance and proceeded to freak out when I left her in there (temporarily) to feed the other birds. She was worried that all of the food would be gone before she got there – forgetting she was already surrounded by food!

  3. Oh that brought back memories. I grew up on a farm. I HATED catching the chickens. It’s very dangerous. This cracked me up. =D

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