gardening is for kids tools

A very generous friend gave my 2 year old a gardening tool set. Obviously intended to be a way to get my Little’un involved in some of my outdoor endeavours. It turned out to be one of the best gardening gifts anyone has ever given me.

It’s true, I’m not very tall. Also true, I’m not very strong. Well, I’m pretty strong but it contradicts to my life force – laziness. So I find that gardening tools from the hardware shop leave me feeling much too tired. I admit it – I can’t raise my arms after a gardening session with a full sized shovel. All my gardening aspirations cease at approximately 30 minutes of strenuous labour. Alright, so 15 minutes.

Enter, the child size garden tool set. Not plastic. Real wood and metal! I have found it to be the perfect size and weight for vegetable garden maintenance. I can easily reach to the centre of the raised veggie bed with my mini-garden-rake, dig a suitably sized hole with my mini-shovel, smooth over the soil with my mini-leaf-rake and collect my veggies in the mini-barrow.

It’s teeny tiny gardening tools for those with teeny tiny constitutions.

gardening tools


One thought on “gardening is for kids tools

  1. I completely agree. I regularly borrow my girls gardening tools, much like they borrow mine. The big difference being that I regularly return them to their hanging homes, rather than leaving them in the sandbox or in the middle of the yard to be run over by the tractor-mower. Perhaps it’s why their tools is all I can ever seem to find…

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