so what if I can’t park the car

I recently got found out. My husband was in the car and I passed by a perfectly good and adequate parallel parking space. Now that he knows, I figure my secret is out and I can find solace in the world wide web.

So what if I can’t parallel park?! There’s heaps of other options. Perhaps not front door options, but options.

I was playing it casual at the time, I had an air of ‘I know we’re going for coffee and the cafe is right there, but I want to drive around the corner, I’m driving and that’s where we’re going, because I’m driving’. As we drove on past that perfectly good space, my loving man exclaimed, “oh my god, you can’t park the car there?!”

I’m not quite sure how it happened that I couldn’t park the car. Perhaps not living in the city has contributed. Whatever it is, I realise now that, to be a true modern woman, I need to conduct stealth parking practice raids, and put the power back into my 1 point 6.

parallel parking


8 thoughts on “so what if I can’t park the car

  1. You are not alone. They day I got my license (about 1000 years ago) my Daddy took me an hour early just so I could practice parallel parking. Every single time I practiced, I did it perfectly. However, when taking the test I manged to knock over every single pylon AND jumped the curb. Since that day, I’ve not ever parallel parked successfully!

  2. I failed my first driving test because I couldn’t parallel park. After years of practice, I can park almost anywhere. Somehow though, having my husband in the car always makes me nervous so that it takes much more effort to get the car in the spot. Good luck with your practice!

  3. Looks like I have to organise some training sessions on parking! This is actually one thing I am good at & my Husband is actually quite shocked how I get into some car parking spots. I promise to be patient & gentle!! Please tell me that you can reverse into car parks in a shopping centre!!

  4. I can parallel park, HOWEVER, it is much easier if I am not under pressure to do so….i.e. no Hubby in car, no line o’ traffic behind me, etc, etc, etc….I drive a long SUV and have been known to get some snaps from my girlfriends while parallel parking on a girl’s night out ;-) because girlfriends don’t PRESSURE!

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