9 things I moderately dislike about gardening

1. Weeds. I was going to say more about that but I think its pretty much wrapped up in the one word.

2. When little sticks and leaves fall down the gap in the back of your pants and gather in your undies. Please tell me that this happens to other people too…

3. Roundup weed killer on the sole of your gumboot. You’ll only discover this in a few days time when you’re wondering how the lawn got that weird pattern of dead spots.

4. When your gloves start to feel wet on the inside. Usually after some enthusiastic hose use. It just feels yucky, ok?

5. When you pull out a ‘weed’ only to discover that it was a keeper and you desperately shove it back in the ground, only to find it a few days later all limp and browning, making you suffer its slow death as a reminder to how silly you can be.

6. When the phone rings inside and there’s a moment when you frantically try to remove your gumboots while running, before giving up and letting it ring out. I say, ‘letting it ring out’, when I mean, you missed it anyway, you’re probably lying on the ground somewhere.

7. When, later that evening, the phone rings inside the house and you can’t find the handset.

8. Poo-traps, both the dog and chicken kind. Particularly on the occasion that you decide to ‘risk it’ and go inside with your gumboots still on.

9. Other peoples gardens. They fall into two categories: either making me feel inadequate, or leave me thinking they really need to put more effort in. Just don’t say a word about my garden.

a wheelbarrow


247 thoughts on “9 things I moderately dislike about gardening

  1. There’s something so satisfying in leaving a trail of destruction in a weed patch. I’m often found pulling out weeds yelling things like “not so tough now are ya big guy mwahahaha”.

  2. Numbers 2 and 4 are the very reasons why I refuse to garden.

    Also, every plant I try to grow always dies….that probably has something to do with it too.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! ;)

    • Really? Only 2 and 4… plastic one-piece overalls and some rubber gloves – brilliant!! Why didn’t I think of that before?!
      And thank you, I have to admit I did a little dance when I saw I was Freshly Pressed this morning.

  3. I might be the worlds worst gardener. Once when I was younger I was helping my parents garden… my mom gave me the job of removing all the weeds from this one section. Fast forward 30 minutes later and my section was cleared…of both weeds and the flowers that were suppose to be there! I had mistaken the plants that were suppose to stay there with those that my mom had pointed out as weeds…oops.

    • My son did the exact same thing to me last year. He felt so bad afterwards when he realized that he had just killed all of the plants he helped to plant in the spring. Oh well, lesson learned.

  4. I too hate weeds. Particularly those spiky thorny evil ones. That get HUGE in like an hour. I have one flower bed that gets taken over with them every year. I’m actually tempted to take out all the legit plants and drench it in weed killer. Those rat bastards will probably STILL GROW!
    And don’t feel bad – I usually have dirt,leaves, sticks – basically any type of yard debris inside my clothing. Because being covered in filth on the outside of my clothes just isn’t enough.
    It’s worth it when it’s all done and you can look and see how nice it is. At least for that day. Tomorrow, there’s gonna be more weeds. :)

  5. Here in New Mexico i’d have to add tumbleweeds, as charming as they were on Bonanza they are prickly messes that jump the fence, pile in the corners and invade my sanctuary like frenzied creatures who fight like crazy when you try to stuff them in the trash. However the flowers on my peach tree as my feral cat Harry sprawls underneath framed in crocus make up for it all!

  6. Reblogged this on Texas Moose House and commented:
    This article made me laugh in a very out loud way, especially because I have spent the last two days experienceing most of this list. I thought you would enjoy knowing how I excel at gardening (extreme sarcasm). Anyway…I reposted because, quite simply, I like knowing that someone else gardens like I do!!

    Happy Reading!

    • Thank you very much for Reblogging this post – I’m thrilled that you enjoyed reading it so much.
      Some wise person once said, gardening is a life-long lesson. And they weren’t wrong! I learn something about myself every time I pull on my gardening gloves.
      Happy gardening!!

  7. #10: Finding out that the new green-colored gardening gloves you just bought are NOT waterproof and are turning your hands and nails green. Whoops. Fortunately, the green color wore off with lots of soap and hot water.

  8. Very funny. I hate the weeds myself and their rapid growth. I also hate the beginning of fall when you rake leaves and or take them out of the beds only to have them get completely covered again by the time you get inside.

  9. Weeding can be annoying, but it is great once its done and you can see all your hard work.

    I had wicken grass on my allotment. One of the worst weeds there is. It took several diggings over, picking individual roots out, and it took ages. Some is starting to grow again, but we can pull that out as it grows.

  10. Number 5 has applied to me so many times it’s quite embarrassing. The look of despair on my wife’s face serves as the added reminder of my stupidity. Great post :-)

  11. Hmm….sticks and leaves gathering in my undies…yes, I must confess it’s happened on a number of occasions, but I have to be honest and say that gardening was never the task at hand. It usually involved alcohol, hills and terrible friends…

  12. About #2 What about the pieces of cedar that find their way all the way up your sleeve to you armpit? Safe to say, nope you aren’t the only one finding debris in your undies!

  13. I can sum up what I intensely hate about gardening in one word. SPIDERS. I had a garden for a single spring/summer season. Then I harvested my romain lettuce for first time and HOARDS of giant brown spiders came pouring out from between all the leaves. Never. Again.

    • Oh dear! That would have been creepy. My thing is legs. I don’t like anything that doesn’t have legs (except *small* fish). I’ve been known to squeal at worms. I respect them, but I don’t like them. Another of my gardening challenges.

      • No legs at all is fine with me! Worms, snakes, fish, eels, none of that bothers me at all. I don’t mind anything slimy or scaly. Frogs, lizards, toads, bring ’em on. Even insects don’t bother me, other then their annoying buzzing or biting or any association they might have with dirtiness. But spiders are just…no.

  14. Story of our life much? Your blog is great- we totally feel your pain with #2. #5 and #9. (Congrats on being freshly pressed- we’re following.

  15. Totally identify with pulling up the mistaken weed. Makes me sad. I hate to say it, but no, I have never experienced the second discomfort on your list. Sorry. Everything else – more than once.

  16. Oh, yes, the dreaded underwear sticks! D: I hate that, that and getting your shoes full of mulch. And the poo. Don’t have to worry about it too much in my yard/garden because we have no outside animals. But out at my parent’s, no matter what you’re doing, you have to watch out for “turkey bombs”. They get dozens of wild turkey’s that just pass through, steal the goat food, poop, and move on. They are good for grasshoppers though.

  17. Don’t forget cat poo too! I have one cat who thinks my sole purpose is to dig him new toilets! I even caught him in the wheelbarrow “using” the compost I was about to take to mulch a new tree I had just planted.

  18. I enjoyed your blog! My husband is a big gardener and I have to help with the tasks in order to enjoy the flowers and veggies.
    Congrats on being FPd!
    Have fun and enjoy the ride!

  19. …or when bits of hair come loose and you desperately try to tuck them back behind your ears…with your wrist because your hands are cakes with soil. wrists will fail time and time again.

  20. Ha! Cute list! The phone thing; I have done that more than once! They really don’t like rain . . . . May I add mosquitoes and–how, after you have weeded intensely for hours, images of WEEDS flash in front of your eyes every time you shut them. So unpleasant. And last but not least, being limited by the possibility of disabling myself with a back injury because I just LOVE gardening so much that I do not know when to quit. Love it!

    Enjoy your spring.

  21. I feel ya with the wet gloves point. I HATE wet gloves. This crosses over to snow-fights, dying hair, and doing the dishes. Hate. It.

    Nice list! :)

  22. Crocs are the only way to go in the garden- easy on / easy off!
    Washable- etc….. (never mind that my daughter’s company does their PR- they rock!)
    Agree about the weeds, particularly the witch grass variety. It’s insidious roots spread underground- wending their way thither and yon, and trying to pull them all up is
    positively a lost cause….although easier after a soaking.
    And re: the phone just take the cordless outside and stick it on the porch- no problem hearing those important calls… or better yet- let ’em call back if it’s that important.

    • Oh no, I can’t do a croc shoes in the garden, combine comments regarding gumboots and worms, equals no holed shoes for me. (I wear croc gumboots but I dream about Bogs). Thanks for popping by!

  23. Very well said! I would only add:
    With respect to Number 2–yes, and even worse when it’s a bug. Number 3–so that’s what causes those marks!. Number 5–Or when spraying roundup you get carried away and have that feeling of horror when you zap something good.

    Happy Gardening!

  24. True all. And yet where will we be on the next sunny spring day? Back in the garden. Right? How does something that is so easy to dislike give so much pleasure in return?

  25. Love love love this! I can identify with all except, sorry, number two … although I have gotten strange stuff stuck in my bra. Hope that makes you feel better about it. :) In our yard’s case you gotta watch out for deer poop but at least it’s not squishy stuff. I get Roundup in the huge jugs with the spray nozzle thing and imagine I’m Garden Rambo on a killing spree. I have deadly good aim. It’s so much fun.

  26. Today I dumped a bag of topsoil on my shoes rather than the tree I was planting. Needless to say my shoes look like they will be sprouting new laces any day now. Love this post! I can so relate!

  27. I really enjoyed this! I always manage to forget the downsides of gardening until summer comes again…Oh well. :) Love the Mary Poppins theme by the way! Very creative. ;)

  28. Gardening is one of the things that makes life worth living. I can’t say that I particularly like pulling weeds but they don’t really bother me either. Slugs, however, can spoil a great flowerbed faster than you can shake a stick at them.

    Great post — enjoyed it!

  29. Absolutely relate to this! I desperately want to be a very good gardener and often have the same issues as 9, 8, 6, 4… OK. ALL of them!! Priceless! I am passing the Liebster Award to you.

  30. Thank you to everyone for popping by and for leaving such great comments. My day started with a hyperventilating happy dance (happy dance sounds too neat for my actions, it was more like running on the spot with some leaping mixed in). I’ve been having a good giggle at all of your gardening experiences and pleased to know I’m not alone in this adventure. I’m looking forward to making my way through all your blogs too.
    Thanks again and may all your gardens bloom, weeds die, creepies keep to themselves and leaves stay out of clothing!!

  31. Loved all your points. They made me laugh–probably because they rang too true (poop on the shoes always ruins my day…because I’m usually too lazy to clean them right then and leave them out for the night…and then it rains and they’re wet inside too. Maybe someday I’ll learn, but I’m not counting on it.)

    • Hah, me too! Or I wind up chipping paint on my banister after the poo has dried and I’m smacking the shoes against the railing to dislodge it because I don’t want to dirty up a screwdriver or something. Aye yay yay!

  32. About the dirt in your undies (and mine)… getting them inside my bra is even more annoying! Especially if I’m at work (I work in a plant nursery), and can’t exactly stick my hand inside my clothes to get them out.

  33. Your blog title is wonderful! And yes, yesterday in the blistering heat (ha) of the UK, I pulled out several “weeeeeds”. I spent moments standing trance like, looking at my accusing hand – I’d pulled up all my purple Himalayan poppies…..awww!

    • Initially, I was bouncing between feeling your pain and schadenfreude. But I’ve just looked up Himalayan poppies and have been overcome by #9. They are gorgeous and I will be getting some for my garden as well. Hopefully I won’t pull them out too! A bit like Japanese windflowers, the plant looks so straggly it’s often mistaken for a weed.

      • I’m glad! Sadly for me, these were actually wind blown “weeds” here in Oxfordshire (strange I know), and I brought a few seed heads from my last house to here. Stoopid mistake, but happy you’ll get these lovlies for yourself – the colours are beautiful and the petals papery like bougainvillea.

  34. haha… That made for a nice read! i dont have a garden myself so i dont have anything to add to your list. But if i did, m sure i’d dislike the above things too! :)

  35. That was waaayyy too fun! What a great read! I’ve pulled many a ‘weed’ and tried to replant only to see my efforts lost.
    Thanks for the great spring memories.
    No garden this year. OUt doin’ the Army thing ’til next fall.
    Best of luck with this years crop!

  36. always have a problem with weeds.. oh yes, i definitely hate it when my gloves start to get wet and dirty with some soil and it sticks inside my fingernail.. so what i do is i wear disposable plastic gloves first and put on garden gloves.. that will surely make your hands still dry and clean even if you do some hard core gardening..

  37. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. As a blogging gardener, I found myself nodding and smiling and laughing — especially about the poop reference. If anyone spied on me as I tiptoed around the backyard, they might think I was carefully stepping between land mines to get to the potting shed. It’s like a real life video game! Enjoy the day!

  38. i love flowers and want to keep a garden but i just can’t go near it in summer because of the lots of insects sticking to the plants, hate insects or rather afraid of them too much.
    there is a small garden in my home kept by my mother, I take interest but can not go nearer.

    • True. There are great benefits. The two green beans that I grew didn’t make it into the house. They were delicious, but hardly a meal. My aim is to one day have enough for a plate of green beans to share.

  39. A very nice observation you put together there to ease our gardening knees. You know, a thought struck me just now: Why would God create something as practically useless as weeds other than to mess around with our green sensibilities? I suspect God created weed to make sure that you have another reason to make you lose those extra pounds

  40. I could throw a seed on the ground and forget all about it and have the most beautiful plant. However, if I put any effort into my gardening, it will die. Every time, without fail. God forbid I try to grow something indoors. Enjoyed this post! I may end up insane from refraining to pull my weeds until my herbs are bigger…and I can actually tell a difference between the weed and the plant. I know, I fail.

  41. Many of the items on your list I agree with, but sorry to read that you are using Roundup weed killer and therefore supporting Monsanto.

    • Thanks for your comment. It may please you to know that the Roundup wasn’t as effective on the weeds as it was on the lawn and I’ve now gone for a more ‘friendly’ approach. Black plastic. Although not entirely PC either, I’m trying to suffocate a section of weeds and its working quite well. You can use old carpet and/or newspaper to do this too.

  42. 2. When little sticks and leaves fall down the gap in the back of your pants and gather in your undies. Please tell me that this happens to other people too…

    Uh, no. But love the post anyway! Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  43. Great list. I am slowly overcoming all of these in order to become a fledgling gardener. No.2 is pretty bad. I also seem to have a twig reservoir at the front of my bra – not pretty!

    • Ha-ha! It seems you’re not alone with twigs in your bra. Sounds very uncomfortable, a ‘reservoir’, almost like you’ve got landscaping supplies in there. Hee ehee!

  44. Wow! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!
    If only I were rich so I could hire a gardener to make my yard beautiful! All he neighbors would be jealous! – Take THAT Jenkins!

  45. Great list! You will think me a bit daft, but I LOVE weeding. Unlike waiting and hoping for things to bloom, weeding gives me an immense and immediate feeling of satisfaction. I would add a #10 to your list — the desire to “enjoy” the garden but being too pooped from gardening to do so. Congrats on FP.

    • Ah yes, that is a shame, but if you read ‘gardening is for kids tools’ you’ll see I have a limited constitution so I always have energy left to admire my work. Thanks for popping by.

  46. When I’m “teaching the snails to fly” and they don’t, they just won’t learn, and I have to go over and stomp on them, and I feel guilty and gross at the same time and I hope my kids aren’t looking.

    Allergies. The other day the pollen made me sneeze so hard I wet my pants.

    (LOVed your list!)

  47. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Yes to all of these! (save one, I don’t use RoundUp) but would add being dive bombed by insects who are larger than than should be. Right in the side of the head, where I smack at it with the muddy glove…you know the rest. :-)

  48. Oh, how I long to keep a garden again. :( I resort to indoor citrus trees. They’ll do for now. Great post!

  49. We just moved into a new (to us) house that hasn’t had the lawn maintained in years. We’re trying to get it back in shape but neither the hubby or I have an inkling about gardening. Got a kick out of reading your post, because I feel pretty helpless myself! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  50. Great post!! Congrats on FP! Glad you were or I might have missed this. I look forward to browsing through your blog more. Thanks for sharing because I can so relate.

  51. Number two was hilarious! I don’t garden, however after reading the first statement, the second completely caught me off-guard. Thank you for a good laugh! And congrats on being freshly pressed!

  52. good points all – can I borrow a few for a weekly column I write?–every year I write a gardening article or two and people just love them- love your number 2!

      • thank you – will most certainly cite you- have to find out what is wrong with accessing but you can get to me by going to onthehomefrontandbeyond,wordpress.com
        will keep reading you

  53. I’d like to add one (maybe only for Oregonians): You finally get your work pants and boots on, find your gardening gloves and are all set for an afternoon of gardening when you take three steps outside and the wind picks up and the rain begins to torrent on you.

  54. This is hilarious! I’d have a garden myself but I can’t even grow grass right and twigs n stuff? sorry but I think you’re alone out here Congrats on Freshly Pressed

  55. #2 Yes that happens here too.also no matter how well I have ponytailed my hair there are crumbs,plant matter and dirt there too!
    #8 also nobody like the nick-name Poop-Shoe and a name like that sticks like ,well you know…

  56. I love gardening….but last season, my husband tried to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in containers as we do not have a yard. The garden was very cute and fun to grow but he spent more time and money trying to grow the veggies than what it would have cost buying it in the Farmer’s Market. Also, if you saw what he grew…it wouldn’t be your first choice when buying it in town.

    But the fun was in the process and we loved what he grew no matter how it looked or how much it cost.

    • My supportive man also says, ours are the most expensive vegetables we could eat. I smile sweetly and remind him that … ahh whatever, truthfully, I just ignore him. … We never have to buy spinach!!

  57. Ohh that phone ringing in the house bit made me laugh. Two years ago I was working in the garden and I ran to answer the ringing phone in the house. I slipped on the wet grass, flew up in the air – in slow motion I think! – and then landed on the patio on my ass. I nearly fainted with the pain and realised if I did faint then nobody could see me. Thankfully I kept my senses but I was left with a huge purple bruise about the size of a CD and a very sore buttock for about 2 weeks!! Since then I ignore the phone. My ass prefers it that way.

  58. Love the list!! Yes to #2 of course! I would only add #10: the lovely crop of chickweed that especially thrives on being pulled out weekly. If it was a cash crop I could retire…
    Congrats on being freshly pressed! It was a fun post and actually has me looking forward to my garden battles this year!

  59. Love it, everything you said so true LOL I am not a gardener at all, mine is very simple, things that don’t need much water and are native here in Australia so that are pretty hardy. Tried all the pretty stuff, but it was too much work. Mulch the hell out of all the gardens so that weeding doesn’t become an issue either. And yeah I judge other people’s hahaha!!!!

  60. Your wit and charm is undeniable. I’m a man trying to grow a pair of green thumbs but it’s nice to know that other people love gardening, but can also land a few funny observations about the things that make all of us crazy from time to time!

  61. Number 1 and number 9 sum it all up for me. It is a vicious cycle that leads me to procratination and ultimate failure by mid summer . . Love your post

  62. Numbers 6 and 9 – i’m so with you on that. I definitely have garden envy. I’ve been desperate to find out where a lady down the road from me got a beautiful cluster of flowers and my pride prevents me from asking her. I live in a tropical country so no gum boots – garden slippers maybe . But with garden slippers you are a prime target for ants…sneeky little buggers

  63. I once decided that it would be a good idea to rip out all the flowers & just leave the weeds. As it turns out, that was the wrong decision, but my garden got to be a little more hipster for a while.

  64. Gardening is like grooming. Watching small plants struggling to survive weeds and big trees least caring about weeds. Weeds like vices pop up everywhere aginst our wishes and sometime even betraying our charector. Gardening brings one near to human nature inspite of the problems pointed out above.

  65. I simply adore the fact that number 2 happens to other people. I’ve been so concerned that this is an isolated incident that I just cannot bring myself to mention the prickly bits lodged firmly into my unmentionables.
    It is the proverbial ‘Voldemort’ moment of my weekend!

    So… Thank you for helping me realize that I am not alone!
    Fantastic list!

  66. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    Two years (maybe three, seems like forever) since our Premier decided to ban pesticide use in our Province. Take note, USE. We can buy it, have it shipped in, but we cannot use it. Some genius came up with this handy mechanism, the Fiskar weed puller.

    At first, not too keen to use it. Watched the hubby piddle around the yard with it, pulling random weeds here and there and then suddenly I was following him everywhere pointing out the weeds he missed. I was actually becoming obsessed about it, not even realizing it until he started to snicker and asked, “You really want to try this, don’t you?”

    I had the backyard and front yard weed free within a week! There is something sooooo satisfying about ripping weeds out right down to the root!

    Otherwise, not a big fan of gardening.

  67. You are definitely not alone on getting foliage in your undies. I’ve also (not so delightedly) gotten bugs down the back and danced around my backyard screaming like a maniac so loud that my neighbors came out to ask what was wrong. Classy, I know.

  68. Interesting.
    Now I know what people are up to on their “gardening leave”.
    Not one for gardening myself – never had ‘green thumbs’ though.

  69. The one about the undies, that was funny. I’m not plumber, which would be the way guys would be brought into your listed item? So can I guess it does not apply to guys? Just kidding. Anyway, what I dislike about yard work is that it takes time away from riding my motorcycle on the weekends! Mow the lawn or ride? Mow the lawn or ride? Always ride the motorcycle wins. But I need to protect myself from neighbors that may think like you and will complain my yard is not well kept. :-) So every now and then I reluctantly do some gardening. But I always like when it is all neat and organized at the end of a couple of hours mowing and trimming.

  70. I sprayed weed killer on what I thought was a weed but turned out to be an extension of a bush’s branch. I’ve been watching it daily. I fear I’ve killed it. So far, it seems to have weathered the torture.

  71. On the issue of wet garden gloves….it is a marvellous feeling to put one’s hands into gloves which have been dried and warmed in the airing cupboard…

    And sunburn..on the strip of skin between end of top and start of bottom…pale everywhere but there…

  72. Great post! I’s getting time here to put in the veggie garden and to move all the house plants outside, put pansy’s everywhere, spruce up the mower and light a fire under the hubby. I dont usually end up with twigs in my britches but a do hate wet, mushy nasty gloves. But I do love spring!
    Congrats on FP!

  73. Congratulations on being freshly pressed. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your blog, as I completely identify with being barely Poppins! I’m an occasional gardener myself. I like planting things that are tough and can look after themselves for most of the time, requiring only the occasional pruning and feeding from me. I justify this by saying they are drought tolerant plants and therefore good for the Australian environment. This is true, but also means I don’t need to do too much to have a green garden, which is good for my mental health! I’m off to try the rum-drunken ganache thing. I think it would go very nicely with my Friday cocktails!

  74. Funny post. I decided to give up gardening after I couldn’t find gloves that fit my larger-than-usual lady hands. (Well, I thought it was a good excuse!)

  75. Wow – I have enough trouble with the tiny potted basil plant on my kitchen window sill. The top of my list for that “garden” is: having to bat away my cat every 15 minutes so he won’t eat all the basil leaves.

  76. lol i agree!!! with all of them, and the phone thing, ya umm… i got watery mud and dirt all over the place, and when i got the phone, it was one of those telmarketer! like really? all for that?! :D :) ya it was funny :P congrats on freshly pressed!

  77. I tried growing my own flowers this year. I had high hopes of eventually growing my own flowerbed if things went well. They didn’t. Some bugs got into the pot and all the seeds disappeared…

  78. That post is so very deserving of FP. Congrats! It’s how I found you. And I love so love gardens — yours, others, and especially my ugly, dysfunctional, yet productive one. I wholly related to every single one of your points (except may #2 ’cause I garden in a bikini). Lovely.

  79. I put a comma in where a comma should not be – onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com – happy if you would visit

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  81. Some of my most cherished memories of my mother are from the times she was gardening. As a child in the city, she would plant flowers all around the perimeter of our backyard, talking with the neighbors who were doing the same. I’d help by fetching things for her, usually coffee or cigarettes. At the farm, she would work in the garden well into the night, with the help of a large yard light. No exaggeration – there was not one blade of grass, stone or weed in her garden. She ran a farm, raising 7 kids and still managed to can 200 quarts of tomatoes alone in the summer while baking bread from scratch everyday (no mixing machine either, kneading by hand). She just died in January, but those memories will live on as long as I do. Thank you for your post. You brought tears and smiles to me today.

    • Thanks so much for Reblogging my post. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I look forward to exploring your blog and dreaming about successfully knitting something one day. Thanks again!

  82. I’ve had number 3 happen to me, well rather to my neighbor, courtesy of me. I must admit that I’m a wee bit surprised you only moderately dislike weeds. They are the bane of my gardening, No sooner have a cleared them than new ones pop up. Funny post. I enjoyed it.

  83. I like your blog. Clever use of the Mary Poppins theme. I hope however, that you don’t actually use Round Up Ready in your garden. This stuff is incredibly toxic and organic altertives exists.

  84. I am having so much fun reading your post. Absolutely hilarious! :) Btw, I love gardening because I can say anything to those weeds and plants. They got plenty of patience and don’t talk back. :)

  85. I don’t know, I’m thinking your lawn and that fantastic tree look pretty inviting and green! Looks like you’re a natural despite having things that you moderately dislike! I don’t use weed killer and only remember to feed the plants every now and then – strictly water only (due to laziness or being too busy usually)! I’m still chuckling over #2!

  86. I got a great laugh out of this!! It’s great envisioning all of these things, especially running while trying to take off your boots. Before I got to the end of that one (#6), I already saw the person (or was it you? I don’t know, it was someone) laying face down in the grass, sighing and spitting the grass and dirt out of their mouth. I needed the laugh. Glad I found this post!

  87. I hate #2 too, ha just said tutu, and whoever it was that makes them feel like they’re taking about poop, I totally agree.

    Great list. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

  88. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I can relate to your top 9 … my list could go on and on, most annoyingly – gardening is never ending, so the weeds come back to mock me another day!

  89. Can’t say that I’ve experienced the sticks-in-the-undies, but I totally know what you mean with the phone ringing. On the times that I make it inside, it is often a telemarketer!

    • A very generous friend gave me a pair of gardening knee pads. …. They’re a good idea in theory, but when I wear them I feel like I should be gardening with a stack hat on too. I’d rather have muddy knees than wear them in view of anybody. Gardening isn’t very glamourous at the best of times… but I guess neither are muddy knees.

  90. I have just come in from the garden and indeed have twigs in my hair, my face was covered in pollen from my glorious weeping willow tree and I feel horribly sweaty..off to the bath I think !!
    I think I need a gardener !
    (ps I agree with another commentor…Roundup is a no-no ! )

  91. Love you list…don’t know about the twigs down my undies though….

    But I do have a number 10 for the list. It doesn’t sound like it applies to you, but for me living in North Idaho it is a yearly problem.

    SNOW! The first day of spring this year, we had snow. March came in like a lion and has proceeded to leave like one too. I believe the lion has eaten the lamb altogether!

    Today, the 1st of April and guess what we are having yet again…snow! ugh! My garden will never get started this year. Last year was no better. I wouldn’t mind a bit of that global warming up here, say between march and june perhaps? just so I can get my garden started for summer to slip past!

  92. Love it! Might I add one? “Glove smell” on your hands afterwards, no matter how many times you’ve washed.

  93. Oh that last comment-am always amazed by what other’s gardens look like, and then wonder how much time and effort it would take to get mine there…
    Then I usually go inside and take a nap. :)

  94. I am a gardener-grown-from-nothing. City girl turned country. Flowers, not vegetables. Couldn’t make a tomato grow but my flowers—now that’s a another story. My secret? They know I need a lot of love and joy in my life. I lovingly tend tend them and their beauty greets me every morning. They are God’s gift to me, all year long.

  95. At least you do it! I purchased a house with big garden dreams. I decided I would weed, plant, beautify and generally make pretty. All the while immersing myself in the ancient Earth. Yeah, no. After 15 minutes, a gaggle of ants crawling up my leg (okay, I took creative license with gaggle), something moving about me in over grown ivy and a few trickles of perspiration I threw in the trowel! And, I am sure that little twigs and such gather in others undies as well. No worries!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  96. Great list :) Things I hate about gardening?
    1. Rabbits. Why on earth do they leave the weeds and eat my veggies?
    2. Jumping Jacks, an ant whose bite feels like a wasp sting, and is so exited to see you that it brings all of its friends along. You might think you are a safe distance from the nest, but nooooo….
    3. Huge spiders that come out of the ground *shudder*.

  97. pulling weeds are fun – esp if you have a few kids to do it for ya. My cousins really like gardening, and they’ll slave themselves on me patch for a good lunch.

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  99. I can totally relate to your list but it’s not enough to stop me from gardening. I live in an apartment and our community garden plot turns into a jungle almost overnight, so it’s difficult to try and plant flowers. I think so many people plant so many different things that unless everything is properly plowed over in the fall (which it’s not) it all comes back with a vengance in the spring. I have tried container gardens and the dumbass college students who live in my complex think that means they can put their cigarettes out in my planters. This year I’m going to try tomatoes so we’ll see what happens.

    And for me, my number two isn’t so much twigs down my rear end, but sweat dripping from my cleavage (not that I have much but it is a gross feeling).

    Spiders can sense an arachnophobe from a mile away, but so far I haven’t had too many bad problems with them. It was far worse when black widows got into our garage when I was a kid.

  100. I Love your list even though I actually like gardening. I have had many points happen in my garden! Currently have a large patch of lawn missing from spilt feed killer stuff! Oops. Her x

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