mexicana fiesta

Ok, so that title is lame. But it does feel like a party when you have Mexican food for dinner, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s all the bowls of add-ons, or perhaps it’s the fact that you’ve got to get your hands into it. It’s one step away from a food fight. But this tasted so good, you wouldn’t want to waste it.

The trick to making this taste so great (and minimising the number of dirty pots and pans) was to char the meat on the BBQ before throwing it into the slow cooker. You don’t need to cook it, just get the grill really hot and char the outside.

mexican dinner500 g beef steak (gravy beef or chuck steak), all fat and sinew removed
400 g kidney beans (to read about preparing dry beans see my previous post)
800 g tin tomatoes
Taco seasoning mix (premade or make your own with cumin, ground coriander, paprika, dried oregano, salt and pepper)
coriander stalks, chopped finely (the leaves are in the salsa)
water, about ½ a cup, some tin tomatoes are very watery so you may not need any more water
You could add a diced onion if you like, I couldn’t be bothered.

quick tomato salsa:
ripe tomatoes (I like to use cherry tomatoes), chopped
red onion, diced
coriander leaves, chopped
a squeeze of lemon juice
olive oil
salt and pepper

sides and add-ons:
wrap bread or corn chips of your choice (technically not a ‘side’ but more like ‘the utensil’, however you can choose to leave it out completely and use a fork)
cheese, grated
lettuce, shredded
greek yoghurt (rather than the sour cream – trust me, it’s better)
avocado, sliced
lime (that’s my plate)


Char the meat on the BBQ grill.
Mix the tomatoes with the spices in the slow cooker (or casserole) dish. Then add the meat.
Slow cooker method, cook on High for about 2 hours then drop to Low. Add the beans for the last 2 hours. (ie. put it on in the morning, at 5pm add the beans, dinner by 7pm)
Oven method, set to 180 c for 1 hour to raise the temp of the tomatoes quickly then drop to 150 c for another 2 to 3 hours. Add the beans and turn it up to 170 c for the last hour just to remind it who’s boss.
Monitor the liquid, you’re aiming for saucy, not dry and not drowning. Add a tad more water if needed.
When the meat is tender, use a fork and tongs to shred it in the pot. This should be easy with your now deliciously tender steak.

Let the fiesta begin!

The leftovers were great and would have done well in the freezer if we hadn’t eaten it all.

Nachos burritos


8 thoughts on “mexicana fiesta

  1. Don’t know a lot about Mexican cooking – but I do outstanding Fajitas – this look really good and colorful – have picture of that Mexican food is colorful both at looks and taste. Mexico is too fare away from Sweden, so we haven’t had that big influence yet. Same with Indian food, even if we have indian and mexican restaurants.

    • I don’t know much about Mexican food either, but I think you’ve got it down pat with ‘colourful’. It’s a shame you don’t eat much Mexican food (it’s yummy), that’s all the more reason to have a mini-fiesta at your place and pretend it’s sunny outside, not snowing!

  2. LOVE reading your blog…it is so funny and real…I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you would like more information, all the details are on my page at mamacino.
    Kristin x

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