vodka bitter lemon

I don’t know about you, but I need a drink… and I can guess what you’re thinking, that just looks like water. Well it’s not! But it does go down like water while watching a hot afternoon turn to evening.

30 ml vodka
15 ml bitter lemon cordial
tonic water

vodka bitter lemon


5 thoughts on “vodka bitter lemon

  1. I LOVE bitter lemon. So glad to find someone else who doesn’t think I’m insane. Those bitey vodka and gin drinks say Kipling and Raffles and the like to me. They bring a sweaty, tropical romanticism into even a cold Melbourne day. Thanks for reminding me about bitter lemon!

    • I hear you. This is a drink to be drunk on a steaming colonial verandah in South East Asia while waiting for the rain. If you crank up the heater and close your eyes you can pretend. I will too.

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