barely summer: the cocktail

There’s a chance I had an original thought!

I mixed this drink the other day, in homage to summer, and after a few minutes spent on internet research, I’m almost positive that it hasn’t been made before. Wow. And cool. And refreshing. So I named it!

It took me ages to come up with that name so please try not to be too critical. It seemed appropriate for obvious reasons, plus, we barley had a summer this year… I tried to use “passion” in the title but it just sounded naff… regardless of what it’s called, I recommend you try it, particularly if you like things fruity but not too sweet.

Into a tumbler full of ice add the following in this order:
squeeze the contents of 2 passion fruits
30 ml vodka
15 ml cointreau
60 – 90 ml ruby grapefruit juice (pour steadily into the centre so that it neatly sinks and creates a layer)
garnish with mint and a swizzle stick

It needs to be stirred once everyone is done with the “ooh look, it’s two tone!” moment. Plus you can use your stick to pick the passion fruit pulp from the bottom of the glass while casually chatting with friends.

barely summer passionfruit cocktail


6 thoughts on “barely summer: the cocktail

  1. That looks good enough enough to drink – big vodka lover, when I drink – .. there has been now commercials for Cointreau and tonic over here – will give that a go. In the summer I drink Campari & grapefruit juice – my absolute favorite. Orange juice is fare to sweet. Will give this a go on the balcony this summer.

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