homemade toasted muesli

muesli raspberries detailI don’t like a sweet muesli, I’d rather add fresh fruit than include dried. So here’s a very simple and healthy toasted muesli recipe that you can use as is, or jazz up with your favourite flavours. This will make a big batch of toasted muesli. Keep it in an airtight container for up to a month (some say 2 months but ours is eaten before that).

1 kg rolled or quick oats
500 g shredded coconut
500 g almonds (I like to use a combination of slivered and whole)
200 g sunflower seeds

Set the oven to 170c
Divide the above over 2 deep baking dishes and give it a mix.
Bake for 15 mins then stir (you’ll notice that the stuff on top and edges is going golden but the bottom isn’t, so mix it up every few mins as outlined)
Bake for 10 mins then stir.
Bake for 5 mins then stir.
Bake for 5 mins more, stir… essentially I’m saying, keep an eye on it. Once it starts toasting it seems to brown quickly.
Remove from the oven. At this point it should all be a light golden brown.
Leave it to cool completely before you put it in an airtight container.

I like my toasted muesli with plain yoghurt and fresh or stewed fruit.

Optional additions: pepitas/pumpkin seeds, nuts (walnut, macadamia, hazelnut, brazil), dried fruits (apricot, sultana, papaya, apple), bran, honey (if you use honey I believe you need to add some oil as a carrying agent… I just add honey in the bowl).

golden toasted muesli


5 thoughts on “homemade toasted muesli

  1. That top photo … some photo – brilliant and so inviting. I eat muesli every day for my lunch with a Swedish style of yoghurt. Yours looks really good – have never thought of making me own, maybe I should. I like when it’s crumps – how do I get that?????

    • I think, clumping toasted muesli is made with honey and sugar to make it stick together. That’s why it tastes so yummy. I’ve never made it that way though.

      • I thought it was honey … or sugar – your muesli look so great. Did you chicken last weekend again – just love it … so quick and I can adjust the recipe for one person. Brilliant, thank you so much for that.

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