life’s little injustices

The world is full of injustices. Apparently Plato said he doesn’t know what justice is but knows what justice is not.  Huh? It’s too late in the day for Plato… Here are some injustices, in no particular order:

– Scarfing down a marshmallow topped chocolate cookie at the end of a very bad day, only to require a nightcap of antacid.

– Getting a stomach bug the night you manage to score a babysitter.

– Having an umbrella in the car all the time, except the day it’s raining.

– Realising that you can’t lord it over your neighbours about their yappy dog because it turns out your dog has been escaping when you’re away and coming back before you get home.

– When the high sugar content in your last two slices of raisin toast causes the usual toaster setting to turn them into charcoal.

– When the batteries in both of your wireless mice (or is it mouses?) go flat at the same time. I’m not kidding, this really happened to me. I had to take the only AA batteries I could find out of a small torch with a dim light. It was very stressful. It was only 8pm. A long time before bed and even longer before I would go to the shops again.

– Oh yeah, and there’s that one about world peace. But let’s keep it real.

marshmallow cookie


3 thoughts on “life’s little injustices

  1. The greatest injustice I notice is that everything seems to go wrong when I am in a hurry. I can’t think of a specific, but it is as if the universe will not allow for smoothness when I am running late or most stressed about completing a task quickly. Great post!

  2. – Oh yeah, and there’s that one about world peace. But let’s keep it real.- brilliant ending on a great post … thanks for the big smile this brought to me. An other injustice is when they have my size (41/EU8) in that stunning shoe from the window … and it still not fit. Have a great Sunday.

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