weed control (at all costs)


Step 1: Buy black plastic (or collect a lot of newspapers if you’re someone who still reads them… who does that?!)
Step 2: Cover all the weeds so no light gets to them
Step 3: Wait for the weeds to suffocate to death
Step 4: Employ someone to weed for you

So I have this problem with my neighbour’s jasmine vine. It doesn’t understand that I don’t want it here. When we moved in, it had been left to free-range and had gone beyond manageable. We had to take a tree out because it was so overcome. A year on, the ground is a mat of vine and it still keeps coming through the fence. It’s straggling my treasures. I’d lost all hope for the submerged Camelia. But the moment it touched my Japanese Maple it was war. A war I would win. At all costs. Well, at a very specific cost, a per hour cost. But we’re winning.

suffocating weeds


16 thoughts on “weed control (at all costs)

    • Check out Shannon’s comment – it’s much more detailed and super helpful. And that’s great if you read newspapers because Shannon says you need them later too. You’ll get those weeds yet!

  1. Yes, perfect! If you want to avoid Step 4 altogether try this instead:

    Step 0.1 – Cut plants as close to the the ground as possible before covering (mow on very low wheel setting or weed-whip them). Then, on Step 1, in addition to the black plastic, lay down lots and LOTS of bricks on top of it to keep out not only light but also any oxygen. Within a season or two, you will have achieved something of sterile earth (including the good stuff, bacteria, fungi and the like). But you will have done it without chemicals or hired labor.

    Next step would be to get the soil back. After you collect and recycle the plastic, lay down a bunch of newsprint (because you’ve saving it for six months) over the area and cover it with a generous amount of (first) compost and (next) natural hardwood mulch. Within another season (yes, that’s three more months…geez!), your soil will be good to go. All your earth critters — and you too — will be pleased with the result.

    Good luck!

      • You are DEFINITELY on the right track! Forgive me for butting in, but it sometimes helps to understand the “why’s” behind the “how’s.” Yes, even plants can be killed (and without potentially harmful chemicals either), but you must first know thine enemy.

        Bermuda grass (you know, the turf that golf courses prefer?) is my nemesis. That technique used above works on everything…except Bermuda. So, Bermuda and I are learning to tolerate each other as neighbors. We’ve agreed to disagree. LOL

        I look forward to the month’s ahead to see how she goes. Shoot me an email if ever have any questions on how to do something (in particular, how NOT to it too, because I’ve done that a lot).

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