rye toast with tahini and tea cup alfalfa

Oh so humble, the alfalfa sprout will grow in just about anything if given some water.

A sweet idea that I saw somewhere, sometime, on the web, was growing alfalfa in tea cups. Totally cute and easy to do – even for the brownest of thumbs*. Having clumsily smashed my glass jar sprouter just last week, I couldn’t resist giving it a go…

tea cup alfalfa sprouts

And then made one of my favourite healthy snacks … Rye bread toast with tahini and alfalfa.

alfalfa tahini on rye

* How to: Put a cotton ball in the bottom of a tea cup and sprinkle in some alfalfa seeds. Leave on the bench top in a light spot, but not in direct sun. Give your seeds tiny amounts of water once or twice a day and in 3-4 days – voila! – a cup of alfalfa.


9 thoughts on “rye toast with tahini and tea cup alfalfa

    • Ummm, what does it taste like… I was going to say ‘grass’… but would be more correct in saying it tastes like ‘green’. Others might say it tastes ‘healthy’. Don’t be put off though, it tastes great with tahini on rye. And if you don’t dig it, your chooks will love it.

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