the diet factory: paleo patty

Food fads fascinate me.

Lately I’ve been reading about the Paleo Diet. Which essentially is a diet based on the eating habits of the paleolithic era. Yes, that’s the one with cavemen that had just discovered tools and fire.

Based on the hunter-gatherer diet, one consumes meat, fish, shellfish, leafy vegetables, fruit, seeds (and insects). The modern paleo puts potatoes, dairy and wheat onto the list of no-nos, and suggests one undertakes occasional fasting (to mimik when the paleo-shops are shut).

I do agree that consuming the least amount of processed food is better for us. The ethos of this diet is almost right. And it’s a big step up from the Dukan Diet which told us to only eat protein, become terribly constipated and then eat a kilo of prunes to get back on track to being our same fat selves only feeling clogged and blotchy and now frightened to leave the house. But my brain is substantially larger now than my paleo pal (about 31%) and my life expectancy as a first-world supermarket-warrior is 80 years compared with her 20 years.

I think if we asked Paleo Patty, she would choose the goats cheese with crusty bread, olives and a lovely little Cab Sav too. She’s not that silly.

Homo heidelbergensis skull



8 thoughts on “the diet factory: paleo patty

  1. My life has more or less been one long diet – finished with that now … not worth it. LIfe is too short and I know that if we don’t eat right it will be even shorter *smile

  2. When it comes right down to it, if it sounds unreasonable it is unreasonable. It seems to me that eating whole organic foods close to the source is reasonable. That’s what I have done for many, many years and you could not guess how old I am.

  3. Great post it had me giggling, my Father follows this type of diet and runs 2 hours a day. He is 65 years old and has the fitness and body of a 30 year old, but goodness he is a dull man to take out for dinner!

    • Ha!! It really is admirable that your father is so healthy, but what a delight it is to gorge on some amazing dinner that you haven’t cooked. “…um, I’ll have the caesar salad but hold the dressing, eggs, bacon, cheese and croutons, thanks.”

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