weedless and rambling directionless

I’m very proud to inform you that my plan to eradicate weeds using chemical free methods was a huge success. Combining the awesome power of my purchased helper with black plastic sheeting, a highly visible section of the yard has turned from a wild weed infested tangle of mangled vine, to this, a blank canvas.

raised garden bed

Now I just have the battle of decision making.

As a commitaphobe, I’ve learnt to live with myself. Drifting from one whimsy to the next. But when it comes to the garden I need a better approach. Plants seem to struggle with my inconsistent approach to their maintenance. That said, I have big dreams. Big unrealistic dreams. In my mind, the garden tells a story. In these dreams, I walk through my garden enjoying a flow of spaces and symmetries. I pick a leaf and eat it as I pass into the shaded cool of the secret garden. There’s flowers, bees and the faint laughter of children (preferably coming from the kids down the street). I might have brought a pot of tea with a cup and a saucer on a tray into the garden. Although, that would have made picking that leaf a few minutes ago quite awkward. But nothing is clumsy in my head. And nothing is overgrown, weedy or browning. There’s nothing plonked. Then I open my eyes to my surroundings and see the reality – a very large garden, battered by recent storms, and far from my vision.

Perhaps in five or ten years, I will walk through that garden. But until then and in preparation for that time, at the very least, I want my garden to look considered.

So here are my current thoughts for this blank canvas. I thought it might be fun to run a poll to determine what the favourites are. And please leave a comment if you have some more ideas. To put you in context, I live in a cold climate, the garden includes both ornamental and edible, and has a oriental theme (ie. azaleas, japanese maples, rhodos, bamboo). So, tell me, what will it be?


12 thoughts on “weedless and rambling directionless

  1. I hear ya, sista! I have this vision too. Although, I know your garden and it’s way closer to the rambling, wooded magic that you dream of, than mine! Plant away!

    • I agree, planting edibles makes sense to me. And some of them are really beautiful to look at as well as eat. I like the idea of adding more edible flowers to the yard like violas and nasturtiums. Then I can have beautiful salads too!

  2. Strawberries and mint – I love that! The only problem is that mint takes over the garden and spreads like crazy. I am in the same stage with my garden and have chosen 2 different kinds of hygrangea – limelight and snowball, and lots of lavender. Good luck with your garden :-)

    • Hmmm, yeah, it’s like removing a weed to add a weed. Shame though, strawberries are a pretty little flower and a very pretty fruit. Could you imagine lying in a bed of strawberries and mint – Wow! – The fantasy is great but the reality not so great. Limelight and snowballs are both fab choices. I plan to put some hydrangea in the front yard. But you’re right I should consider it coming through to the back as well. Thanks, you’ve given me something to think about.

      • Mint can be kept in a container buried into the ground, but be sure to leave lots of holes in the bottom for drainage. It will “contain” the mint and keep it from spreading by the roots. You can do this with any spreading variety, just use a black pot that is deep enough (I like the 12″ deep 1-gal pots) to do the trick.

      • Great idea! Thanks for another great tip. I’ve decided against planting the mint into the graden but I do love mint. It’s so versatile; savoury, sweet, as tea or fragrance. I’d resigned myself to the fact that mint must be potted. This idea is a great middle ground.

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