about the birds

Inviting chickens into my life has been one of the most joyful, disgusting, interesting, sad, humbling, tedious, weird, delightful … well actually, its probably the only thing in my life that has been all of the mentioned, all rolled into one experience.

This is the story of chickens. Keeping them, caring for them, what they do, what they don’t do, and then what they do, again.

basket of eggs



6 thoughts on “about the birds

  1. I have to agree with you! Pete has 13 chickens and a rooster, 8 chicks that are 2 months old and 4 that are 4 days old! I cannot stay away from them. I have to check for eggs, round them up at times when they decide to depart from their 4 star accommodation, constantly feed, check water and lay sawdust down (chemical free). I love watching them, and seeing their natures, I love learning to pick them up, and NOT to be afraid of them when they are broody and puffed up! They are wonderful birds. They are so cute. I love the way they are SO in sync with nature and at night peak in when they are all lined up in the house for the night, I love figuring out who is the highest in the “pecking order”.
    Pete’s WERE free free range for many years, but now he has a huge chicken run and we collect the eggs, which I also love to do and then EAT THEM. We have also eaten the roosters, as this is a part of his self sufficiency plan, and the meat is rich, dark, and fills you up quickly with bones pearly white and as hard as rocks! VERY different to brought chickens nowadays.

  2. Chicken keeping is a whole book unto itself with an entire chapter dedicated to cleaning the coop. I never want to go back to store bought eggs. Fresh eggs are a beautiful thing and provide a small sense of self sufficiency.

  3. People think pigs are the dirtiest creatures, but take it from this old farm girl, chickens are the nastiest things on the planet. The eggs are good, though. ;)

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